2007-2008 Friends of the Players

Robert and Lynn Aho
Grace Ala
Brad and Vickie Baltensperger
Rick and Mary Baron
Myrtle Barrette
Don and Susan Beck
Anita and Paul Campbell
Audrey F. Carlson
Ross Coltman
Vivian Coon
Alice R. Crowell
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Dawson
Janet Fredrickson
Fredrickson Agency
Richard Goldstein
Andrew Grgurich Family
Lee and Edye Hackbarth
Vicky Hartingh    
Mary Ann Hollars
David and Thelma Holmes
Henry and Mary Ilenich
Steven Karpiak
John and Sonia Knodt    
Michael and Wanda Kolb
Ronald Kowalewski
Ken and Susie Kraft
Norman and Carol Kurz
Ben and Mary Leiker
Jan and Tom List
Glen Love Jr.
Vicky Luokus
Marlin and Christine Lystila
Patricia H. MacQueen    
Jack MacDonald
Leo and Marian Mattila
Nancy McCabe
Roswell and Ruth Miller
Reg Moore
David and Mary Moyle
Nick and Marie Muschal
Ann Newman
Bob and Norma Nominelli
Sara Perfetti
Rodger and Dorothy Peterson
Bill and Nanno Rose
Verna Ross
Bruce and Karen Rovano
Fr. Thomas Schmied
Elvis Scott
Bruce and Nancy Seely
Hal and Kay Seppala
Lloyd and Rosemary Short
Veronica A. Stellberg
John and Helen Sullivan
Carrie Lou Thomas
Pat and Jerry Trudell
Mary Lou and Floryan Wercinski