Chasing Charming


Narrator (f)  A slightly awkward young lady

Fairy Godmother (f)  A bubbling, befuddled middle-aged fairy

Goldilocks (f)  A little girl, with solid, managerial personality

Cinderella (f)  A stylish fashion guru

Sleeping Beauty (f)  A lively athlete and go-getter

Belle (f)  A lover of nature and harmony. Her head is usually in the clouds

Rapunzel (f)  A strong fighter, anxious to prove her martial arts prowess

Hagragard (f)  A wicked witch who jumps from hot to cold in a heartbeat

Peony (f)  An extremely sensitive and whiny young lady

Prince Charming (m)  A charming ladies’ man

Rose Red (f)  A princess with a love of storytelling

Hector (m)  Hagragard’s teenage son

Harriet (f)  Hagragard’s teenage daughter

Dragon the Dragon  (m/f)  A clueless, eager dragon

Then there are smaller parts:  S-Senirp (m)
                                                Mail Carrier (m/f)
                                                Sign (m/f)
                                                Papa Bear (m), Mama Bear (f), Baby Bear (m/f)
                                                Wolf  (m)
And…….8 little evil minions……..