Seussical Rehearsal Schedule


Tentative Rehearsal Schedule

(all rehearsals will be in the Calumet Players’ Building until we move to the theatre)



Mon.  8th          6:30                 Read-Through       (NAMED characters: Please bring a $15 deposit for your script.  This will be refunded when you return your script                                                                                 in good condition)                 

Tues.  9th          6:30                 Blocking Act I

Thurs. 11th       6:30                 Blocking Act I Review

Mon.    15th      6:30                 Vocal Rehearsal

Wed.   17th      6:30                 Blocking Act II

Thurs.  18th      6:30                 Blocking Act II Review

Mon.    22nd      6:30                 Vocal Rehearsal

Tues.    23rd      6:30                 Blocking Whole Show

Thurs.  25th      6:30                 Blocking Whole Show Review

Mon.    29th      6:30                 Vocal Rehearsal

Tues.    30th      6:30                 Lines/Blocking Act I



Thurs. 1st         6:30                 Lines/Blocking Act I Review

Mon.    5th        6:30                 Vocal Rehearsal

Tues.  6th          6:30                 Lines/Blocking Act I

Thurs. 8th         6:30                 Lines/Blocking Act II

Mon.    12th      6:30                 Vocal Rehearsal

Tues.    13th      6:30                 Lines/Blocking Act II

Thurs.  15th      6:30                 Lines/Blocking Whole Show

Mon.    19th      6:30                 Vocal Rehearsal

Tues.    20th      6:30                 Lines/Blocking Whole Show

Wed.   21st      6:30                 Characterization Act I

Thurs.  22nd      6:30                 Characterization Act I Review

Mon.    26th      6:30                 Vocal Rehearsal

Tues.    27th      6:30                 Characterization Act II

Thurs.  29th      6:30                 Characterization Act II Review



Mon.    2nd        6:30                 Vocal Rehearsal

Tues.    3rd        6:30                 Characterization Whole Show

Wed.   4th        6:30                  Whole Show

Thurs.  5th        6:30                 Whole Show

Sat.      7th        6:30                 Whole Show

Mon.    9th        6:30                 Technical Rehearsal

Tues.    10th      6:30                 Dress Rehearsal

Wed.   11th      6:30                 Dress Rehearsal

Thurs.  12th      6:30                 Final Dress Rehearsal

Fri.       13th                               FIRST PERFORMANCE

Sat.      14th                               SECOND PERFORMANCE

Wed.   18th                                RUN THROUGH

Thur.    19th                              THIRD PERFORMANCE

Fri.       20th                              FOURTH PERFORMANCE

Sat.      21st                                 FINAL PERFORMANCE



As stated, this is a tentative rehearsal schedule and is subject to change.  I realize that it is summer and people have vacations planned.  Just be sure to remind me before you leave for vacation. (and don’t stay away too long J )


IMPORTANT!!!  I realize that this is a big commitment  but… If you must miss a rehearsal you MUST let either Sara or myself know.  


I’m looking forward to working with all of you!





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369-0872 (cell)