2007-2008 Actors Guild

Betty Antilla

Barbara Ash

Ralph and Mary Ann Bammert

Mark and Donna Beels

Al and Gloria Bilgen

Cecil and Mary Ellen Crider

Tom and Jean Ellis

Emily Fisher

Felix and Virginia Fournier

Paul and Audrey Frair

Julie Gades

Cal and Laurie Gale

Jack and Betty Gazvoda

Roger and Ann Geldermann

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Goodman

David and Linda Grahek

Shelby and Doug Hamar

Gerald and Nancy Heikkila

Karen Hubbard

Ed and Jana Jenich

Ken, Louise, & Katie Kauppinen

Ed Kautto

Craig and Jeanne Kurtz

Dave and Judy Leddy

Dan and Rose Leveque

Janet Locatelli

Tony and Phyllis Locatelli

Bruce and Sally Lyon

Dan, Ardys and Joel Maki

Gordon J. Mars

Keith and Elsa Mugford

Sally Orr

Linda Ott

Dennis Racine


River Valley Bank

Nancy and Douglas Sherk

Heather and Rylie Store

Debbie Stouffer

Doug and Norma Stuart

Bryan and Joan Suits

William and Alyce Thorpe

Mollie Trewartha

Ron and Annagret Trudell

Bob Wareham

William and Elaine Wiita

Steve and Marcia Wilson

Charles and Lois Young